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Getting your contracting off the ground

From umbrella companies to accountants & mortgage providers, we’ve got your options covered

We know your time is precious

As a contractor keeping your finances in order, complying with the latest legislation and finding solutions to your needs are all demands on your time. That’s why we’ve developed our service to help you. We’re here to put you in touch with the right people to get your contracting off the ground quickly and efficiently.

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It's all about you

Thinking of

Tempted by the lure of
flexible working? Let us
point you in the right direction

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If you are new to the ranks
and are not sure where to begin
let us help you

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Take your contracting
up a gear with our industry
leading services

Is Umbrella Exchange right for you?

Yes, we are pretty sure it is. Your time and effort are at the heart of everything we do. Utilising our extensive experience and knowledge and identifying a good deal enables us to know what will work for your individual circumstances.

So if you are working on assignment in the public service sector then we won’t waste your time discussing an accountancy solution but can help you choose an umbrella company. If you are a contractor who has had a brush with IR35, then we’ll look at how a contract review service can be beneficial as part of an accountancy package. Although our name is Umbrella Exchange, it’s not just umbrella companies we can help you with.

Whether you describe yourself as a professional contractor, consultant, like to just dabble in project work from time to time or are the MD of a multi-sector recruitment firm, we at Umbrella Exchange think we have some really great options and would like to work with you.

For more information about Umbrella Exchange please get in contact

Call: 0203 393 3881


Working with you

We help contractors make the right commercial decisions to suit their busy lifestyles and careers. You may have never heard of an umbrella company or thought about the need for a limited company. You simply want to work on assignments that suit you. You thought the paperwork and finances could be left in the hands of your recruitment agency. There is only so much your recruitment agency can do. Taking the step to work flexibly brings more responsibility at your doorstep. That’s where we step in. We trawl the market to identify good, supportive companies that can assist you, whether or not you are new to contracting, already contracting or needing a specific service to enhance what you already have.

We know how the contractor market ticks, what’s trending, which providers are offering the best value and service, and how legislation changes can have a knock on effect on you. Bringing together an extensive range of service options, including umbrella companies, contractor accountants, insurance brokers, and mortgage lenders, we can present you with the best providers and even help you deal with the transition from your current set up.

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